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Check out our amazing selection of Trucks that are as good as new, with top quality finishes and from a variety of brands and models. All our trucks are in great conditions and we even give a six-month guarantee. Sarmientos treats you like family so we will do whatever we need to do to find the truck that fits you and your business.

We’re located in Jersey City, NJ. Come by today!


Good & Bad Credit

We don’t believe bad credit should limit you or prevent you from helping your business grow. We trust in you and believe that when we make a trade, we can make the roads more profitable for everyone to succeed.


We Ensure the Best

We make sure you are covered while you are out on the road and help you find the best insurance there is. Sarmientos is the best because we treat you like family. We look out for you while you’re working, just like family would.

Excellent Results

6 Month Guarantee

Sarmientos guarantees excellent results. We have a six-month guarantee with every sale because we only sell the best of the best. We want to get you the best trucks for your money. We speak English and Spanish and everybody is welcome.

Quality Experience

We Deliver to You!

We are the only company that will deliver your truck to your doorstep for free. Sarmientos sells the best trucks that are proven to perform the best on the road. We have high standards for our trucks like we do for our service. Stop by and get your high-performance truck today!


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